Dr. Schuessler

Dr. WH Schuessler, a German chemist and physician, during his studies he devoted himself more and more to homeopathy. As a homeopath, Dr. Schuessler opened his first independent practice in 1858.

Having learned that minerals are important for metabolism, he begins his research work. Studying the ashes of the deceased, he concluded that the cause of death was often associated with a lack of vital inorganic salts (minerals), and discovered the 12 most important ones that he prepared as homeopathic preparations. He had a lot of success in treatment solely because of the use of 12 minerals. Dr Schuessler was convinced that all diseases were curable with the proper use of minerals.

There are many reasons why we lose minerals in our bodies. It can happen through stress, worry, hectic life styles, wrong nutrition, industrially tainted foodstuffs, electro-magnetic radiation (cell phones, microwaves, computers), Environmental toxins, Geopathic stressors, as well as being exposed to heavy metals such as amalgam dental fillings, lead, aluminum plus many more plus now including the air we breath.