joan o'reilly registered reflexologist in Kerry

About Joan O’Reilly

Joan qualified as a reflexologist over 20yrs ago and set up The Kerry School of Reflexology in 2007. She continues to give the students the highest standard possible in Reflexology training, leading on to a Practitioners Diploma in Reflexology. Many of Joan’s past graduates run very busy practices. Past Graduates have set up a very professionally run networking group in Co. Kerry.


  • MIRIL. Registered member of The Irish reflexologist Institute of Ireland. Also served on the IRIL Board.
  • FHT. Kerry School of Reflexology is an Accredited Course provider, Accredited by Federation of Holistic Therapies.
  • BCMA. Affiliated Schools Register. British Complementary Medicine Association.
  • ATCHTI Association of Registered Complementary Health Therapists of Ireland.
  • ISHom. Registered with the Irish Society of Homoeopaths.
  • BFRP. Registered with the Dr. Edward Bach Foundation International Register of Practitioners and Trainerts.
  • Approved RLD Practitioner. Reflexology Lymph Drainage Sally Kay Method.
  • Consultant for Biochemic Tissue Salts
  • ASYRA PRO Advanced Testing

Over the years Joan has attended many courses with highly qualified and experienced people:

  • Beryl Crane introduced her to the “Meridian lines in Reflexology”:
  • Chris Stormer “Language of the feet”:
  • Claire O Grady “Cancer Carereflexology”: 
  • Baby Reflexology” with Baby reflex
  • Ann Gillanders “Advanced  Reflexology, Reflexology and the intestinal link”
  • Rakhee Shah  “Fertility Reflexology”
  • Sally Kay “RLD Reflexology Lymph Drainage
  • Pregnancy Reflexology

Plus many more over the years. She has treated all ages from newborn babies to the dying which has been her great privilege.

As a qualified Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner and Trainer registered with The Dr Edward Bach Foundation Mount Vernon, Joan has supported people with their health and wellbeing in a gentle effective way. The Bach Flower Remedies help balance our emotions bringing us back to a positive state of health.

Joan graduated as a Homoeopath with The Irish College of Homoeopathic Medicine [ISHom] in 2007.  She travelled to India on a few occasions for further training with the Indian Homoeopathic Doctors, Dr Shankaran in Mumbai, and Dr Borkar in Goa. Again another amazing experience to see how the Homoeopathic doctor takes all aspects of the patient’s health into consideration including exercise and diet.

This lead Joan to doing ASYRA PRO “Food Sensitive Testing” as food is medicine, but some foods we eat do not agree with our make up as we are all individual, which can lead to inflammation in the body causing irritable bowel, constipation, fatigue, headaches, skin issues etc. So knowing the food to eliminate from our diet can help our digestive system to get back to doing what they do best. Included in this consultation Joan also tests for, Nutritional Deficiency, Hormonal Profile, Mental and Emotional Stress & much more.

Every part of the world Joan has travel to, be it San Francisco, Canada, Hong Kong, Thailand, India and many more she always seeks out a reflexology treatment. From these experiences it is Joan’s opinion that we have very highly skilled Reflexologists here in Ireland, as the holistic approach is taken in all treatments.

“Through reflexology our client will have a positive state of health, wellness and a harmonious balance throughout their body.”