agrimony - one of 38 bach flower remedies

Negative States

  • Hiding inner worries behind a smile and a joke;
  • Laughs and giggles instead of true words;
  • Seeking satisfaction, fulfilment in addictive behaviour and substances, i.e. alcohol, drugs, smoking, sex, food and entertainment;
  • Inner restlessness and lots of outer movements, need for travelling and excitement;
  • Restless sleep patterns;
  • Unable to express ones needs and emotions;
  • Needs to keep the peace;
  • Inner turmoil:                      

Positive States

  • The ability to speak out freely, without worrying what others are thinking or how it affects them;
  • Speaking Divine truth from the heart;
  • Not needing others to like you;
  • The ability to be one’s true self;
  • Does not need to entertain others;
  • Inner fulfilment without the need for outside stimulation;
  • Truly laugh at their own worries;
  • Genuine optimists;
  • Sense of humour without pretence;

The positive aspect of the AGRIMONY type is reflected in those persons who can truly laugh at their own worries, because they are fully aware of their relative unimportance. They are genuine optimists, and the inveterate peacemakers.”


Negative States

  • Creepy, unknown fears;
  • Anxiety with no logic explanation for it;                                                       
  • Feeling of Goose-bumps or that someone walked over your grave;
  • Apprehension without knowing it;
  • Great feeling of coldness and sudden pale expression;
  • Sudden shivers, shaking or trembling without explanation;
  • Children needing a light on in their room;
  • Fears of darkness and death, nightmares (also Rock Rose);

Positive States:

  • The ability to go to new situations and places with ease and calmness;
  • To be unafraid of the unknown;
  • Able to go to bed without fear;
  • Fearlessness;
  • Faith to face experience and adventure;

Dr. Bach said of the positive aspects of ASPEN “Fearlessness because of the knowledge that the universal power of love stands behind all.  Once we come to that realization, we are beyond pain and suffering, beyond care or worry or fear; we are beyond everything except joy of our immortality.  It makes the desire to invite experience, to invite adventure, knowing that it is leading us to our heavenly home and that we can walk that path through any danger, through any difficulty unafraid.”  There is an old Chinese proverb, which says:  “Fear knocked at the door, faith opened it, and there was no one there.”


Negative States

  • Very critical of self and others;
  • Judgemental of others and situations;
  • Can be racist or intolerant of different creeds, cultures and beliefs;
  • Rigid and judgemental towards themselves – this rigidity of thought often creates rigidity of the body, i.e. arthritis, etc.;
  • Easily irritated by habits, gestures of others;
  • Narrow minded, intolerant, arrogant;

Positive States

  • Tolerant of others, beliefs, creeds, colour race, etc.;
  • Unaffected by the habits of others;
  • At peace with one self;
  • Non judgmental, flexible;
  • Does not judge oneself, loving all aspects of one’s character;
  • Allows others to go about their work without the need to criticise or judge;

Dr. Bach said of the positive aspects of the BEECH person: “[An example] of perfect tolerance. It was the Christ allowing the soldiers to place the crown of thorns on His head, to pierce His hands and feet with nails without His having one harsh thought.  Instead He pleaded on their behalf, ‘Father forgive them, for they know what they do”.


Negative States

  • Unable to say No to others, puts needs of others before self;
  • Subservient personality, a doormat type;
  • Personality not allowed to form, creativity blocked;             
  • Overworked, becomes tired, worn-out and ill;
  • Physically weak, lacking in will power;

Positive States

  • Able to serve without becoming subservient or a slave;
  • Can say ‘No’ when necessary without feeling bad about it;
  • Respect for one’s self and one’s time and space;
  • To be able to value oneself without wanting to feel needed;
  • To allow others to love you for yourself and not for what you do for them;
  • Strength of purpose and willpower;

The positive characteristics of the CENTAURY person is found in one who serves wisely, quietly, and unobtrusively.  He knows when to give and when to withhold.  Such a person is able to mix with his fellows and not loose his individuality; he is well able to support his own opinions and to follow the higher dictates of his inner self.  He can complete his mission in life uninfluenced by the opinions of others.”


Negative States

  • Indecision, unable to choose when faced with many possibilities;
  • Not able to hear or sense ones’ inner knowing;
  • Unable to trust own judgement;
  • Personality often appears superficial to others;
  • Often found seeking the advice of others;
  • Unable to trust own judgement;
  • Personality often appears superficial to others;
  • Often found seeking the advice of others;

Positive States

  • Trust in one’s inner guidance;
  • Allowing oneself to follow that guidance;
  • Decisive;
  • Getting the right answers in all situations;

The positive aspect of the CERATO type is quiet assurance.  Such persons are very intuitive.  They are sure of their ability to judge between right and wrong, and they trust themselves to act uninfluenced by any advice to the contrary.”


Negative States

  • A sense of losing control of ones’ mind;       
  • Fear of loosing control, going insane or having a nervous breakdown;
  • Sudden urges to commit violence to self or others;
  • Suicidal feelings in the extreme state;
  • Screaming shouting or the urge to throw things about;
  • PMT symptoms. Lack of emotional stability;
  • No control over what you are saying;
  • Being on edge; jumpy, the slightest thing would drive you mad;
  • Character seems to change dramatically;

Positive States

  • Calm, poised and balanced in all circumstances;
  • Feeling sane and centred;
  • No harmful thoughts;
  • No pre-menstrual tension;
  • Nothing can throw you off balance – out of control;
  • Calm quite courage with control over extreme mental pressure;

The positive aspect is seen in the calm quiet courage and endurance of the prisoner of war for instance, who is undergoing mental and physical tortures, and who yet can retain his insanity


Negative States

  • Unable to learn and assimilate life’s lessons through personal experience;
  • Keeping repeating the same mistakes over and over again;
  • Unable to grasp things, ideas quickly;
  • Not able to retain information easily;
  • Slow learners; 
  • Inability to study in a classroom situation:

Positive States

  • Ability to learn life’s lessons;
  • Able to mentally pick things up quickly;
  • Students able to study more easily;
  • Fast inner growth;

The positive aspect of this Remedy is reflected by those persons who are keenly observant of all happenings, and especially of mistakes, which occur.  They tend to keep their attention in the present, and they gain knowledge and wisdom from every experience.  They watch and learn from others.  Dr. Bach wrote of CHESTNUT BUD:  “this Remedy is to help us to take full advantage of our daily experiences, and to see ourselves, and our mistakes as others do.”


Negative States

  • Put conditions on the love one gives;
  • Emotional neediness, for company, sex, or relationships;
  • Selfishness;
  • Feel the need to control and direct loved ones, emotional blackmail;
  • Easily hurt or upset, like others to feel sorry for them, poor me;
  • Emotional security provided by money, possessions or relationships;
  • Can cry or evoke illness very easily for attention and sympathy;
  • Likes to be the centre of attention, very talkative;

Positive States

  • Can love others unconditionally;
  • No strings attached or manipulation in interaction with others;
  • Do not need company or others around, no emotional neediness;
  • Gives others the freedom to be themselves;
  • No need for possessions, objects, money, etc.;
  • Does not feel the need to protect loved ones or direct their lives for them;
  • No need for sympathy or attention;

The one positive aspects of the Chicory type person is seen in one who is truly selfless in his care and concern for others; one who gives unceasingly, without the slightest thought of a return.”


Negative States

  • Ungrounded, not earthed;
  • Living in a fantasy world, in the future;
  • Does not always hear, appears deaf;
  • Eyesight often poor;
  • Unable to concentrate, focus or study;
  • Very poor memory;
  • Dizzy spells or losing consciousness;
  • Cold hands and feet, often;
  • Inattentive, appears dreamy, often yawning, needs lots of sleep;
  • Lacks energy;

Positive States

  • Feeling very grounded and earthed;
  • Able to be part of the world;
  • The ability to carry out tasks and functions in an organised way;
  • Will power and ability to focus the mind;
  • Ability to concentrate and study easily;
  • Retentive memory;
  • Present, living in the ‘Now’ attentive;

The positive aspects of CLEMATIS type is seen in those people who have a lively interest in all things, and minds that are sensitive to inspiration.  Among these persons we find the practical idealist, the writer, the artist, the actor, the healer; in short, we find one who is master of his own thoughts, and who has great zest in daily living because he can fully appreciate the great purpose behind all of it.”[18]


Negative States

  • Feels unclean, impure or dirty, inside or out;
  • Gets stuck in small details,fussy;                                          
  • Obsessive personality;
  • Cleanliness fetish, needs lots of showers, washes;
  • House proud always cleaning;
  • Blemished skin, skin complaints acne;

Positive States

  • Feeling clean healthy and pure;
  • Unblemished skin, nails, radiates purity;
  • Able to focus on the wider picture of life;
  • Does not feel the need to be excessively clean;
  • Not repulsed by dirth or dirthy habits of others;

The positive aspect of Crab Apple is seen in those people who maintain complete control of their thoughts, and who have the wisdom to see things in their correct proportions.  They are broadminded people, who do not dwell upon trifles, and who realize that any manifestation of a physical disorder is due to an inner disharmony; thus it is within their own power to transmute it into harmony.”


Negative states

  • Responsibilities weight heavily;
  • Unable to cope with additional workload;
  • Feels they will be unable to deal with extra burdens;
  • Feels they will let others down;
  • Feels overwhelmed;

Positive states

  • Very capable;
  • Deals easily with responsibilities;
  • Knows help will always be at hand;
  • We are never given more than we can handle;
  • Makes time for oneself;

The positive aspects of the ELM character are manifest most of the time; outstanding among them are self-assurance and confidence.  These virtues are the result of an unshakable inner conviction that help will always be forthcoming when needed.  It is another praiseworthy aspect of the ELMfolk’s character that their powerful abilities are generally directed toward the safety, the welfare or the betterment of others.”


Negative States

  • Negative personality;                                                             
  • Not able to see positive aspects;
  • Sceptical and pessimistic;
  • Overly intellectual, too mental;
  • Always asking too many questions;
  • Tries to understand with left brain, rather than developing inner knowing with the right brain;
  • Easily disappointed at setbacks;
  • Known depression;
  • Doubts – doubting Thomas personality;

Positive States

  • Trust that everything is in its right place;
  • Optimistic personality;
  • Does not become disappointed at setbacks because the knowing is ther that something better is around the corner;[23]

The positive side of the GENTIAN nature is fine indeed.  Such people understand that there is no failure when one is doing his utmost, whatever the apparent results may be.  They know that there is no obstacle too great, nor any task too big to be undertaken with the conviction that it can be accomplished”


Negative States                      

  • Feeling of hopelessness, given up hope, “Oh what’s the use?”
  • Dark rings around the eyes;
  • Despair and despondency, nothing can ever go right;

Positive States

  • Retain a positive outlook in life in all circumstances;
  • Always hopeful;
  • Hope of healing in long term illness;
  • Does not become down hearted or depressed;

The positive aspect is found in those persons who have a positive faith and hope, and a certainty that in the end they can overcome all difficulties.  They are not influenced by their present mental and physical condition, nor by the advice or opinions of others.”[26][Bach Flower Remedies by Philip M. Chancellor pg97]


Negative States

  • Over talkative does not allow others a chance to talk;
  • Hates to be alone, needs continual attention, “the needy child”;
  • Cannot hear the words of others;
  • They will push you into a corner and talk to you;
  • Often will develop ear problems;
  • Totally self-obsessed, often by their illness;
  • They only talk about themselves;

Positive States

  • Good listener;
  • Able to relate well to others with two way conversations;
  • Can give and help others unselfishly;
  • Has interest in others and things going on outside of themselves;

The positive qualities of Heather are found in the selfless, understanding individual who has suffered so greatly himself that he is very willing to listen to and help others.  Such a person can put his own difficulties behind him and become absorbed in the problems of others.  He is unsparing in his efforts to help them.”


Negative States

  • Anger & rage
  • Revengeful;
  • Hatred and jealousy;
  • Distrust of other, feel they are being deceived;
  • Heard hearted, mean;
  • Suspicious of others and their motives;
  • Over-sensitive;
  • Envy;

Positive States

  • Inner peace;
  • Open heart, loving heart;
  • Is not upset by others easily;
  • Balanced sensitivity;

The positive aspects of HOLLY are seen in those people who can give without wanting anything in return; in those who can be loving, tolerant and happy, although they may have lost everything, in those who can rejoice to see others take their rightful place.  Such persons can bear the vexations of life with understanding and tolerance.”


Negative States

  • Mind locked into the past not living in the present;
  • Wishfully looks back to happier times, many regrets;
  • Cannot forget loss of loved one, continually talks of past;
  • Feels homesick when going someplace different;
  • Unable to let go of past trauma, bereavement, divorce, etc;

Positive States

  • Living in the hear and now, the present;
  • Not constantly talking about the past;
  • No homesickness;
  • Not thinking the past was better than now;
  • Able to move on from traumatic happenings;

The positive aspect of HONEYSUCKLE is clearly seen in those persons who retain the lesson taught by past experiences, while allowing the experience itself to pass out of their mind.”


Negative States

  • Procrastination;
  • Brain dead, or with a headache after too much mental activity, reading computer work, T.V.;
  • Monday morning feeling, too much routine in life, no spontaneity;
  • Mental tiredness, weariness, sluggish mind not fully awake;
  • Needs time or coffee in morning, before feeling alert;          
  • Students unable to study tired;

Positive states

  • Feels wide awake mental clarity;
  • Gets on with things needing to be done;
  • Alert and in the present;

The positive aspects of HORNBEAM is reflected in those who are certain of their own ability and strength, even though their work might appear to be beyond their capacities to achieve.”


Negative States

  • Impatients and irritable;
  • Lots of inner tension;
  • Sudden, sharp pains or indigestion;
  • Expect everything to happen yesterday;
  • Frustrated by life and others;
  • Says ‘it quicker to do it myself’
  • Easily flared up, quick tempered;
  • Likes to work alone as others, are slower and irritating;
  • Walks and talks too quickly;
  • Finishes others sentences for them;
  • Always wants to get on to the next thing;

Positive states

  • Patient and calm;
  • Independent nature;
  • Quick thinking with a lively mind;
  • Able to work with others easily;
  • Knowing there is time for everything;
  • Allowing others time and space;

The positive qualities of the IMPARIENTS type are their great gentleness and sympathy towards others.  They are capable, decisive, intuitive and clever, with abilities far above the average.  At the same time they understand and tolerant with those who are slower than themselves.”


Negative States

  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Feels inferior to others;          
  • Expects failure so stops trying;
  • Self limiting, often says I can’t;
  • Feeling of impotency;
  • Feels one is not as capable as others;
  • Does not attempt new things;

Positive States

  • Confident outlook on life;
  • Ability to tackle new projects;
  • No fears of failure;
  • Feels equal to all others;
  • Takes on new challenges easily;

The positive aspects of the LARCH character are reflected by the person who is willing to plunge into life; to take risks and never be discouraged by the results.  Such a person knows that if he failed, it was not because he did not try his best.  Such a one does not know the meaning of the word “can’t”.


Negative States

  • Fears of known things, i.e. spiders, heights, water driving, not having enough money;
  • Phobias of any kind;
  • Reserved, shy, oversensitive to others;
  • Nervous laughter or over-talkative, to cover up embarrassment;
  • Shyness and timidity, blushes easily; 
  • Stammer or stuttering;
  • Often not happy in group situations;
  • Easily startled;                                                           
  • Sensitive to noise and bright lights;

Positive States

  • Brave and courageous;
  • No fear of any known thing;
  • Happy in group situations;
  • Able to speak freely wit others;

The positive aspect of the MIMULUS person is seen in one who can face all trials and difficulties in life with equanimity and humour.  We fear only those things, which we do not understand, which we dislike, or which we hate; understanding and courage are the great positive qualities of the MIMULUS type.”


Negative States

  • Gloom or depression which comes and goes for no reason;
  • No logical reason for this state, unlike GENTIAN;  
  • No control over this gloom, disappears of it’s own accord;
  • Unable to express this mood or cover it up;  
  • Dark cloud hanging over ones head;                                     
  • Headaches, heavy headed;

Positive States

  • Bright and sunny disposition;
  • Positive outlook;
  • Unaffected by the weather, grey or sunny;
  • Head feels clear and light;

The positive aspect of MUSTARD is found in those people who have an inner serenity which nothing can shake or destroy.  Such a person is well able to counteract the effect of any attack of melancholia or depression by his inner stability, joy and peace.”


Negative States

  • Strength suddenly ebbs on;
  • Unable to carry on;
  • Great weariness;
  • Bravely fights on, enduring much;
  • Makes no time for own relaxation;
  • Lower physical body in pain, often back hips and limbs;

Positive States

  • Strong and resilient, great endurance;
  • Reliable never gives up;
  • Respected by others;
  • Makes time for oneself;
  • Withstand the greatest test;
  • Able to carry heavy burdens;
  • Strength inspires others;
  • Strong physical body;

Dr. Bach described the positive aspects of the OAK type in these words:  “They are brave people, fighting against great difficulties without loss of hope or slackening of effort.”  They reflect perseverance, courage and stability under all conditions.”


Negative States

  • Physical tiredness and exhaustion;
  • Mental tiredness;
  • Too tired to do anything;
  • Energy depleted on all levels;
  • Working too hard;
  • Energy reserve drained after illness;

Positive states

  • Physical and mental strength;
  • Great energy;
  • Peace of mind;
  • Not drained or overcome by pressure;

The positive aspect of the OLIVE folk is seen in those people who do not rely upon personal effort to overcome their difficulties.  They rely instead upon that strength and vitality which they know will be given to them and which will sustain them and guide them in every respect.  It is seen in those who maintain their peace of mind and their interest in life, even though they may be forced to remain inactive.  Of the OLIVE type, in their positive aspects, it might be said:  “They also serve who only stand and wait.”.


Negative States

  • Guilt feelings, always needs to apologise;                             
  • Feels always in the wrong;
  • Feels responsible for others mistakes, takes the blame;
  • Self accusation and reproach;
  • Strong ideas of sin, especially regarding sexuality;
  • Feels unworthy, puts oneself last;
  • Others are more deserving;

Positive States

  • No guilt feelings;
  • All beings are equal;
  • Self forgiveness, self worth;

The positive aspects of the PINE type is seen in those people who are willing to take the responsibilities and to bear the burdens of others if they can really help them.  They are aware, however, that this is not always the best way to help another.  The PINE persons acknowledge their mistakes, but do not dwell on them; they have great perseverance, and a genuine humility about their talents.”.


Negative States

  • Fears for others;
  • Afraid harm may come to others;
  • Always imagines the worst;
  • Say’s” they must have had an accident”;
  • Excessive attachment to loved ones through fear;
  • Anxiety for friends and family;

Positive states

  • Knowing all are safe;
  • Able to send healing to those they love;
  • No fears for family or friends;
  • Trusting everything is in its right place;

 The positive aspect of this remedy is the ability to send out thoughts of safety, health or courage to those who need them, and who may be in danger or ill at the time.  It is the ability to remain calm, mentally and physically, in any emergency.”


Negative State

  • Terror and very strong fear;
  • Shaking and heart stopping fear;
  • Panic in emergencies;
  • Nightmares;
  • Panic attacks;

Positive State

  • Calmness in all situations;
  • Sleeps deeply and undisturbed;
  • Able to help others in emergencies;

The positive aspects of ROCK ROSE are seen in military or civil heroes, those courageous persons who are willing to risk their lives to aid others.  It is a state of mind wherein the self is completely forgotten.”


Negative States

  • Rigid attitude towards self;
  • Forces oneself to become a saint;
  • Often ignores the world and enjoyment in worldly things;
  • Strong spiritual pride;
  • Wishes to change others through their rigid example;
  • Strict and rigid views on the ‘right’ way, often related to spiritual disciplines;
  • Deeply suppressed emotional or physical needs;
  • Self-disciplinarian, perfectionist;
  • Very strict on lifestyle, diet, etc,
  • Denies oneself any luxury or simple pleasures;
  • Force of own rigid will lead to pain and rigid physical body/spine;

Positive States

  • Kind and loving towards oneself;
  • Highest ideas become reality;
  • Open mind to new ideas and possibilities
  • Does not need to be an example to others, so becomes a very positive one;
  • Has flexible attitude to life and self;

The positive aspects are seen in those persons who have high ideals, but when they are convinced of a higher or better truth, are willing to forsake their original theories and beliefs.  Such people have flexible minds. They are not easily influenced by others, because they know in advance that they will be shown greater and deeper truths.  The joy and peace that they experience in life encourages others to follow their path”.


Negative State

  • Indecisive;
  • Unable to choose between two things;
  • Tries to decide alone;
  • Mind like a grasshopper, jumps from one subject to another;
  • Often late for appointments, appears unreliable to others;
  • Travel sickness, inner ear imbalance;
  •  When ill, Illness or pain comes and goes or moves position;
  • Unbalanced emotionally;
  • Jerking movements, physically off balance;
  • Extremes of behaviour, erratic;
  • Mood swings;

Positive states

  • Decisive and positive;
  • Well balanced;
  • Emotional and mental balance;
  • Able to choose easily between two things;

The positive aspects of SCLERANTHUS reflects calmness and determination.  Such people are quick to make a decision and prompt in action.  They are those who keep their poise and balance under all occasions.”


Negative State

  • In a state of shock;
  • Past or recent accident or trauma in life;
  • Sudden news upsets one;
  • Energy blocks caused by past trauma;

Positive States

  • Calm and poised;
  • Able to deal with shocks, traumas easily;
  • Unruffled in emergencies;

Remember that many people have at some time or another suffered from a grievous shock and if it is unresolved and still apparent, Star of Bethlehem will quickly help to neutralize the effects caused by it.”


Negative State

  • The dark night of the soul;
  • Deep, dark depression, despair, utter hopelessness;
  • Feeling lost and in the dark;
  • Total desolation, feels like the end of the road;
  • The storm before the calm;

Positive states

  • Each day a new opportunity for growth;
  • Strength and light coming from the soul;
  • Restored and renewed, at peace with one’s self;
  • The energy to move forward spiritually, to next stage of growth;

The positive aspect is seen in those who, even though their anguish is so great as to seem unbearable, can call on their Father for help, and still put their trust in Him.  Then, as Dr. Bach said, “the cry for help is heard and it is the moment when miracles are done.”  Those who have ever experienced this form of suffering have the understanding and the desire to help all others in despair.”


Negative State

  • Very tense and stressed, highly strung;
  • Overworked, hyper-active, unable to relax, always on the go;
  •  Gets extremely over excited over the top;
  • Burns themselves out through over use;
  • Over exhausted, tension in head and body, headaches or migraine;
  • Over enthusiastic, over stimulated;
  • Perfectionist, nothing ever right;
  • Wishes to change the world, convert others to their beliefs;
  • Fanatical, incensed by injustice, over zealous;

Positive States

  • Positive enthusiasm for life;
  • A great inspiration to others;
  • Able to see others views and opinions;
  • Enjoying work in a balanced way, making time for oneself;
  • No desires to change others;
  • Mind and body relaxed;

The positive side of VERVAIN is seen in the calm, wise man who knows his own mind and who realizes that others also have a right to their opinion.  Such a man keeps his mind fluid:  he is always ready to listen to others, and to change his opinions when he is convinced of the need to do so.”


Negative State

  • Very dominant and strong willed;     
  • Always know they are right;
  • Tyrant who persecutes others, ruthless;
  • Always wants things done their way;
  • Strongly ambitious, needing power;
  • Rides roughshod over others;
  • Authoritarian, inflexible and rigid;
  • The child bully in the playground, over strict parent, tough boss;
  • Wrong use of will;

Positive States

  • Good leadership skills, open to opinions of others;
  • Respected by others, able to serve others;
  • Energy used for the god of all;
  • Inner power is balanced, Right use of will;
  • No desire to dominate others;

The fine positive side of the VINE type is seen in the wise, loving and understanding ruler, leader or teacher.  Anyone who possessed these qualities, and uses them to guide others, has no need to dominate; he is the one who helps people to know themselves, and to find their path in life.  He is the leader who can inspire those around him by his unshakeable confidence and certainty.”


Negative State

  • Resistant to change;
  • Oversensitive;
  • Feels like layer of skin is missing;
  • Easily becomes tired and drained around others;
  • Cannot adapt to new situations and change, gets stuck in periods of transition;
  • Feels too open, unprotected;

Positive states

  • Adaptable and supple, open to new opportunities;
  • Moves easily through changes, finding them exciting;
  • Unaffected by the energy of others;
  • Complete release of the past;
  • Constant and true to oneself;
  • Flows easily through life, flexible;

The positive aspect of the WALNUT character is constancy and determination;  those who carry out their beliefs and their life’s work unaffected by adverse circumstances, or unhindered by either the opinions or the ridicule of others.  Such are the pioneers and the inventors.  Dr. Bach himself was a good example of the WALNUT type.  He forsook all of his old ideas of healing to find out a better way to cure people.  He did this in spite of ridicule, lack of encouragement, and advice to the contrary proffered by his old colleagues.  He persevered even against the strong influence of his own training and background in medicine.”


Negative State

  • Very aloof, proud and upright stance;
  • Feelings of superiority, better than others, spiritual pride;
  • Loneliness due to barriers put up;
  • Rigid thoughts create rigid body, especially knees;
  • Needing to be alone, reserved;
  • Living in isolation or separate from others;
  • Independent, does not like interference;
  • Withdrawn, not able to show emotions;

Positive States

  • Open heart chakra, share love with others;
  • Knowing all are equal, able to mix with all others;
  • Wise, tolerant, humble;
  • Great inner dignity and serenity;

The positive virtues of the WATER VIOLET type are found in those who put their great capabilities at the service of others.  Dr. Bach wrote about them as follows:  “Those who have great gentleness, are tranquil, sympathetic wise practical counsellors, who have poise and dignity and pass gracefully through life.”


Negative State

  • Mind confused unable to focus on one thing;
  • Too many thoughts, strong mental activity;
  • One thought going around and around in ones mind;                       
  • Feels like hamster on a wheel;
  • Restless sleep;
  • Unable to concentrate;
  • Mental arguments and conversations;
  • Unable to switch mind off;

Positive States

  • Calm, peaceful mind;
  • Goes to sleep easily;
  • Able to think positively and clearly;
  • Able to focus mind on one thing, more organised;
  • Easier to meditate;

The positive aspect of the Remedy is found in the person who has a quiet and calm mind.  Such a person is at peace with himself, and with the whole world.  His quietness is disturbed by outside influences, and in that quietness comes the solution to his problems.  He has learned how to control thoughts and imagination, and how to put them to a constructive use.”


Negative State

  • Lack of direction in life;        
  • Unsure at times of change;
  • Never found the right occupation;
  • Frustrated / lack of fulfilment;

Positive States

  • Knowing ones Divine Path;
  • A sense of purpose;
  • Direction in life is clear;
  • Good at many things;

The positive aspect of WILD OAT type is reflected in those persons who have definite ambitions, and know just what they want to do in life.  What is more, they do it too, and they allow nothing to interfere with their purpose.  They live lives filled with usefulness and happiness.”


Negative State

  • Dull and lifeless;
  • No enthusiasm;
  • Apathetic, cannot be bothered;
  • Puts tasks off for another time;

Positive States

  • Enthusiasm for life;
  • Does not put off tasks;
  • Accomplishes things easily and effortlessly;

The positive side of WILD ROSE is seen in those persons who have a lively interest in all happenings, however trivial, both in their own lives, and in the lives of others.  Their very interest and vitality attract excellent conditions into their lives, and they enjoy friends, happiness and good health.”


Negative States

  • Resentful and bitter;
  • Cynical nature;
  • Feels unfairly treated;
  • Finds it difficult to forgive;
  • Bears grudges;

Positive States

  • A forgiving nature;
  • Holds no grudges;
  • Knows one is treated fairly and always gets exactly what one deserves;

The positive side of the WILLOW character displays great optimism and faith.  It is seen in the person who has recognized his responsibilities through the experiences, which have come his way.  Such a person draws unto himself either the good or the bad according to the nature of his thoughts, and fully realizes that it is within his power to do so.”

How to take the remedies

In a Glass of water: For short-term moods and problems put two drops of each selected remedy in a glass of water. Sip as often as required until relief is obtained. If using the pre-mixed emergency formula, add four drops to the glass instead of two.

You can use this method for longer-term problems as well. Just sip from the glass throughout the day, at least four times a day – and keep the glass in the fridge or make up a fresh glass each day.

Personal mix :For more chronic problems we recommend making up a personal mix of remedies in a dropper bottle. It works out cheaper and will make your precious stock remedies go further. Simply:

  • Get an empty 30 ml bottle with a dropper in the lid (try the local pharmacy)
  • Add to the bottle two drops of each selected remedy (and/or four drops of the pre-mixed emergency formula)
  • Top the bottle up with still (i.e. not fizzy) mineral water
  • From this bottle take four drops, at least four times a day

Personal mixes will last two or three weeks if you keep them cool – in the fridge, for example. If that isn’t possible – maybe you live somewhere warm or will be carrying the bottle around in your pocket – add a teaspoon of brandy to the bottle before topping up with water. This will help keep the water from going off. If you don’t want to use brandy, use cider vinegar or glycerine instead.

Dr. Edward Bach’s Philosophy:

Dr Bach based his work on a profound philosophy in which life is seen as a learning process and ill health – whether mental or physical – is intended to help us under stand more about ourselves and the purpose of our lives. “Diseasewill never be cured or eradicated by present materialistic methods, for the simple reason that disease in its origin is not material. What we know as disease is an ultimate result produced in the body, the end product of a long acting forces; Disease is in essence the result of conflict between Soul and Mind, and will never be eradicated except by spiritual and mental effort”.Health comes when we regain harmony between our physical and spiritual selves, leaving the body free to begin its own natural healing process. If emotional equilibrium can be maintained the mind and body will remain in a state of health.

It is the total and absolute focus on the mental state of the sufferer, alone which makes Dr Bach’s approach to health so exceptional.

No notice is taken of the nature of the disease’, he writes.

‘The individual is treated, and as he becomes well the disease goes’.

In his book Heal Thyself Dr Bach describes his vision of medicine in the future, when doctors will study human nature and hospitals will be sanctuaries of ‘peace, hope, joy,and faith’. The medicine of the future, he says, will be given to restore these four qualities to suffering humanity.

The dawn of a new and better art of healing is upon us. A hundred years ago the Homoeopathy of Hahnemann was as the first streak of the morning light after a long night of darkness, and it may play a big part in the medicine of the future.”

Dr Bach believed we could all heal ourselves if our body was in harmony with our soul.

“All we have to do is preserve our personality, to live our own life, be captain of our own ship, and all will be well.”
— Dr. Edward Bach